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Soup of the Day  -  £3.95
Chef produces some great combinations using finest fresh produce, served with crusty bread and butter
Moules Mariniere  -  £5.75
Shell on mussels cooked with shallots, garlic, parsley and white wine, finished with cream...  Can also be served Bloody Mary style with vodka, tomato and chilli and garnished with coriander (both served with crusty bread  -  £6.50
Chicken Skewers with Satay Sauce  -  £4.65
Fresh chicken breast marinated and chargrilled with our special satay sauce
Fishcake with Cafe de Paris Cream  -  £4.75 
Salmon and cod fishcake served on a cafe de paris cream sauce and crème fraiche
Chicken Liver Parfait - £4.50 
Smooth chicken liver parfait served with toasted brioche and apple and grape chutney
Spicy Tomato Risotto (V)  -  £4.25 
Sundried tomato and arborio rice risotto with a wild rocket and parmesan salad
Tortilla Chips (V) -  £5.95 
Heaped with melted mozzarella and jalapeno peppers, served with sour cream, guacamole and salsa
Bread & Olives (V) -  £1.95 
Slices of mixed breads with herb marinated green and black olives and butter
Garlic Bread (V) -  £2.50 
Made with a generous amount of garlic, tomato and melted mozzarella

See also our Specials Board for new and seasonal starters



Here at the Moorings we pride ourselves on producing quality fresh cooked food, using locally reared and bought produce

Chicken Breast & Chorizo Ragout -  £9.95 
Pan fried supreme of chicken breast on a chorizo ragout with olive anna potato
Fish & Chips  -  £8.25 
Haddock fillet encased in our own batter made with lindeboom beer, served with our handcut chunky chips and pea puree
Pie of the Day  -  £7.50 
An individual portion of today's pie served with a side dish of seasonal vegetables
Sausage & Mash  -  £7.25 
Locally made sausages, served on a creamy mash and caramelised onion and red wine gravy
Sea Bass & Wild Garlic Cream  -  £10.95 
Pan fried sea bass fillet on lyonnaise potatoes and wilted spinach, served with an oyster mushroom and wild garlic cream
Slow Braised Lamb Shank  -  £11.95 
Slow braised shank on bubble and squeak with wilted baby spinach and rosemary jus
Coq au Vin  -  £8.75 
Chicken leg cooked in red wine, served on a stew of savoy cabbage, button mushrooms, bacon lardons and baby onions
Vegetable Charlotte (V)   -  £7.95 
A crisp charlotte of leek, shallot and oyster mushrooms with cherry tomato butter
10oz. Rib Eye Steak  -  £12.95 
Chargrilled yorkshire ribeye served with slices of cafe de paris butter, watercress and handcut chunky chips
8oz. Fillet Steak  -  £14.95 
Yorkshire fillet served on celeriac puree with slow roasted tomato, carrot crisps and our handcut chips
Calves Liver  -  £9.95 
Pan fried calves liver on glazed carrots with sage mash and onion and bacon jus (served pink)
Classic Cassoulet  -  £8.95 
A hearty stew of belly pork, toulouse sausage, duck leg confit, with white beans, herbs, leeks and celery
Moorings Burger  -  £7.95 
Made with minced beef, coriander, garlic and chillies, topped with melted monteray jack and bacon, slices of tomato and red onion on ciabatta with our handcut chips and mixed leaves (all our burgers are cooked through, however they may look pink)
Deluxe Mushroom Burger (V)  -  £7.75 
Aromatic field mushroom with melted monteray jack slices of tomato, accompanied with our handcut chips and mixed leaves
Baked Salmon & Chicory Tart  -  £9.95 
Oven baked salmon fillet on chargrilled asparagus with a balsamic and chicory tart, finished with balsamic glaze
Mediterranean Cous Cous (V)  -  £8.25 
Tomato cous cous with courgette, aubergine and bell pepper, topped with grilled halloumi cheese

See also our Specials Board for new dishes and seasonal favourites.

Please advise us of any dietary requirements you may have.



Nicoise Salad (V)  -  £6.25 
Baby gem lettuce, french beans, olives, tomatoes, new potato, boiled egg and red wine dressing.  With Pink Fresh Tuna Steak  -  £7.95
Caesar Salad  -  £7.75 
Baby gem lettuce with chicken breast, bacon, anchovies, parmesan, caesar dressing and croutons
Tomato & Mozzarella (V)  -  £6.95 
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, marinated olives and mixed leaves dressed with basil oil
Tagliatelli Carbonara  -  £6.95 
A classic dish of ham and mushroom in a sauce of egg yolk, cream and parmesan
Spanish Chorizo & Artichoke  -  £7.65 
Penne pasta with globe artichoke hearts, fried chorizo and spicy tomato sauce, finished with pesto and parmesan
Greek Salad (V)  -  £6.75 
Baby gem, diced feta, marinated olives, cherry tomato, cucumber and red onion with balsamic dressing
Tagliatelli with Blue Cheese & Broccoli (V)  -  £7.25 
Ribbons of pasta with st. agur blue cheese, broccoli, toasted walnuts and a cream sauce
Smoked Mackerel & Pesto  -  £7.25 
Penne pasta bound with fresh pint nut pesto, sundried tomato and flakes of smoked mackerel, garnished with parmesan



Chipped Potatoes  -  £1.95 
Handcut and homemade!
New Potatoes  -  £2.25 
Buttered and minted
Mixed Leaf Salad  -  £2.75 
Dressed and crispy
Onion Rings  -  £2.50 
Homemade and seasoned
Creamy Mash Potato  -  £2.25 
Trio of Fresh Vegetables  -  £2.50 
Garlic Bread  -  £2.50 
Bread & Olives  -  £1.95 


We pride ourselves on producing our own yummy puddings.  Please ask to see our changing list




All sandwiches are served with dressed mixed leaves

Welsh Rarebit (V)  -  £4.75 
Mature cheddar and guinness rarebit on focaccia with chive oil dressing 
Pan Fried Chicken -  £4.95 
Crispy chicken breast in toasted ciabatta with lemon mayonnaise and baby gem 
Hot Beef & Onion Gravy  -  £4.95 
Slices of roast topside with onion gravy in a baguette 
Roast Mediterranean Vegetables (V)  -  £4.95 
Roast aubergine, bell pepper and courgette with melted brie in toasted ciabatta 
B.L.T.  -  £4.75 
Rashers of bacon, slices of tomato, crisp lettuce and mayonnaise served between sliced bloomer 
Steak Ciabatta  -  £6.95 
Chargrilled sirloin with horseradish onion in toasted ciabatta 
Cajun Chicken Wrap  -  £5.95 
Strips of cajun spiced chicken in a tortilla wrap with rocket and sour cream 
Moorings Club Sandwich  -  £6.25 
Slices of chicken breast, ham, lettuce and tomato with tarragon mayonnaise and melted monteray jack between slices of crusty bread 



All sandwiches are served with dressed mixed leaves

Mature Cheddar Cheese & Watercress (V)  -  £4.50 
Grated mature cheddar and watercress on crusty bread with chef's own chutney
Ham & Piccalilli  -  £4.75 
Slices of horseshoe gammon with chef's piccalilli in sliced bloomer 
Greek Salad in Pitta (V)  -  £4.65 
Feta cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red onion 
Chicken Caesar  -  £4.95 
Chicken breast, bacon lardons, baby gem lettuce, parmesan and caesar dressing in a ciabatta 
Smoked Salmon Bagel  -  £5.25 
Scottish smoked salmon and cream cheese with lemon juice and black pepper in a bagel 
Milano Salami & Sardo Pecorino  -  £5.25 
Slices of milano salami with italian hard cheese, jalapenos in ciabatta 
Prawn Marie Rose  -  £4.95 
Atlantic prawns bound in marie rose sauce with lettuce and tomato in a baguette 


Ask to see our health food options for little people